Who are we?
We are dedicated members of the community who are passionate about empowering youths through athletic and academic endeavours. We have a variety of talent on board - with diverse backgrounds and over 20 years of experience in the development of youth sports programs.

It takes many individuals to run a successful program. Listed below are just a few of the great members that continue to help develop our programs.

  Ishmael Joseph
Founder, Program Director

With a history of sporting excellence and over 20 years of coaching experience, Ishmael Joseph is equipped with the tools to help youth succeed in sports and in life.

Working with athletes at all levels, from novice to elite, developed his programs from the ground up. Now he is dedicated to challenging kids to make positive choices through empowerment and the development of crucial life skills such as teamwork, leadership and discipline... read more >
  Zachary Sutton
Basketball Program Coordinator
    Edward Chui
Basketball Program Coordinator
  Andrew Buchoon
High Performance Technician, Wellness Coordinator
    Shanyn Devereux
Marketing Coordinator
  Anne-Marie Darlington
Multi-sports Director
Operating Personnel
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